lithuanian cuisine traditional dishes

For 20 years “Berneliai Užeiga” has been fostering Lithuanian cuisine, which brings back loyal customers and tourists visiting Lithuania every day. The latter are greatly impressed not only by the authentic, National Heritage certified 43-course dishes. They are fascinated by the national costumes worn by the waiters of the „Bernelių užeiga“ and the interior of ethnographic stylistics.

At „Bernelių užeiga“, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and renew ourselves. Leading this endeavor, we update our main menu at least a couple of times a year to include seasonal dishes made with locally grown vegetables and fruits. We are also constantly striving to shorten the supply chain so that ingredients from the garden to the visitor’s plate are brought as quickly and freshly as possible. For this reason, the „Bernelių užeiga“ dishes are made from local farm production, which allows for an expressive combination of flavours.

We have also taken into consideration the needs of young Lithuanians who are looking for more and more interesting tastes, and we also offer them dishes of modern European cuisine. We have also invested a lot and focused on the confectionery workshop of the „Bernelių užeiga“. It uses natural products to produce the sweet sins you sometimes want after a delicious lunch or dinner. Cakes, pastries, muffins and other sweets – all fresh and made by real pastry makers. Every time we update our menu, we know that we have done our best to ensure that a visitor to our restaurants gets an experience that will make them come back again and again.

A cohesive team, fostering traditions and following market trends have been the foundation of the family-owned restaurant chain „Bernelių užeiga“, which has been operating and expanding for two decades both in Lithuania and abroad. In 2019, the fourth family-owned chain restaurant in the UK opened its doors.